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Multicultural Education Approach

The rich diversity of the society nowadays is clearly evident in many schools. It is not enough that some of our school children be educated. School educators and the society they serve must work for all and must reflect the cultures of the communities. Multicultural education is an idea which has reached its time. The society we live is a society of mix-culture. Conflicts arise due to lack of understanding of other’s culture, ethnicity, social class, and beliefs.

The imbalance of power between the dominant and the dominated cultures has created years of arm conflicts, aggression, and resistance. The case of Christian-Muslim conflict in the Philippines is a typical example of imbalance in cultures’ appreciation. It is the lack of understanding of other cultures that weakens the society. The practice of multicultural education is but one of the many answers for peace. Approaches to multicultural education need to be given emphasis in searching for answer for cultural diversities.

Understanding the concept of human relations would certainly help students understand the commonalties of people through understanding of their social and cultural differences. Knowing the different cultures raise the academic achievement of students of color through culturally relevant instruction. The introduction of multicultural education in educational system is also a response to the need of addressing the various learning needs of such a cultural diversities thereby leading to the transformation that would really reflect the ideals of democracy in a pluralistic society.

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